Sertification in Russia
Centre ofl certification "SERTS" provides certification services since 2005. Addressing to us, you get a highly qualified assistance of our experts, who competently, efficiently and prepare all necessary documents and carry certification in the shortest time.
Phone: +7 495 226-43-09
 Skype: serts77
Moscow, weekdays, 10am–19pm

Documents we issue

  • Certificate of Conformity GOST R
  • Certificate of compliance of Technical Regulations
  • Certificate of Customs Union of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan
  • Fire safety Certificate
  • Declaration of fire safety
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • The state registration of products (PDS)

About services

SERTS — professional solutions for your business

SERTS — consulting company providing services for certification of products in Russia and abroad. Our main areas of activity - consulting in the field of certification, documentation attesting to the product standards as well as state registration of products.

Long experience in the certification and work closely with various organizations in the Customs Union, laboratories and certification bodies to teriitorii RF allows us to offer our customers the most cost-effective and optimal service in the process of state registration certificates and products.

Great experience in certification, individual approach to customer service cost-effective, short terms of counseling and documentation - are the main advantages of working with our company.

The main reasons to apply to SERTS

High competence of our staff allows promptly respond to requests for certification and provide as much information about nebhodimosti conformity assessment of products. And as we know:

  • if a manufactured or supplied products compulsory certification or declaration in Russia;
  • what requirements it must meet;
  • Do we need this document issued by Rospotrebnadzor, RTN and / or other organizations;
  • under what scheme is better to conduct the certification;
  • which set of documents required for certification;

We value and save you time and deliver the document of any city in Russia and abroad leading shipping carriers.